Toulouse Football Club Honors Pitchouns with GLI TECH

Le Toulouse Football Club Honore les Pitchouns avec GLI TECH

During last Christmas, the Toulouse Football Club orchestrated the memorable “Christmas of the Pitchouns”. The Pitchouns, affectionately nicknamed to designate the young prospects of the TFC training center, were honored during a special evening on December 21.

A TECH award to reward the pitchouns’ great year!

During this festive evening, nine of them were distinguished for their exceptional performances and their exemplary state of mind. As a sign of recognition, the TFC has chosen to offer these young talents an exclusive pair of TECH FLY shin guards personalized for the occasion, acquired from our house specializing in accessories for high-level footballers. This gesture underlines the club's commitment to excellence and its support of emerging talents in the world of football.

Congratulations to Ilyas Aziza, Luca Favier, Michael Akinjogunia, Thibo Negre, Jethro Orizaza Nzau, Younes Radoini, Alexis Vossah, Louis Reynaud and Wassim Dardake. We hope you enjoyed it and continue to be Tech in the field!

(Thanks to Selim Errif for making the link between the club and ourselves)

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