GLI TECH in the spotlight: Costa, Mpasi, and Gaspar shine at CAN 2024

GLI TECH à l’honneur : Costa, Mpasi, et Gaspar brillent à la CAN 2024
The year 2024 started with a bang for our Tech players, notably for three of them, equipped with our TECH Carbon, who particularly shine at the 2024 African Cup of Nations (CAN). Logan Costa representing Cape Verde ( Toulouse Football Club), Kialonda Gaspar (Estrela - Portuguese D1) with Angola, and Lionel Mpasi (Rodez Aveyron Football) wearing the colors of Congo, took their respective teams to the quarter-finals.

Logan Costa - Cape Verde
Logan Costa, the Cape Verdean defensive rock, stood out with his very Tech performance during the match against Senegal, disgusting the opposing attackers. A memorable match where Logan made a series of decisive interventions, showing his composure and his exceptional defensive talent.

Esmevanio Kialonda Gaspar - Angola
Esmevanio Gaspar lit up the stadium during Angola's victory against Cameroon. His perfectly orchestrated assist in the final moments of the match led to a decisive goal, propelling Angola to the quarter-finals. A display of game vision and composure under pressure. Incredibly Tech.

Lionel Mpasi - Congo
Lionel Mpasi was Congo's hero in the penalty shootout against Nigeria. His tres tres Tech save in tense circumstances ensured Congo's qualification for the quarter-finals, sparking euphoric celebration from supporters. A performance that will remain engraved in the memory of Congolese football fans. In addition, it was he who scored the winning penalty with a perfect flat safety foot. THANKS.

Their success at CAN 2024 is not only the pride of their respective nations, but also that of our house GLI TECH, which is delighted to have exceptional players as clients beyond their performance on the field. We are proud to see our products worn by these promising talents, and we will continue to follow them throughout their journey because they are now part of the family.

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