Tech x2: Efekele and Lemarechal in the same colors of Cercle de Bruges

Malamine Efekele et Felix Lemarchal sous les couleurs du Cercle Brugges

Double Dose of GLI TECH: Efekele and Lemarechal Ready to Ignite the Cercle de Bruges

The Tech wave is sweeping over Cercle de Bruges with the arrival of the talented Efekele, on loan from AS Monaco. He is not only a recruit, but a double dose of energy, because he will find on the field his playing partner and fan of GLI TECH shin guards , Felix Lemarechal.

Efekele, will bring his Tech touch to Bruges

Efekele, the promising attacking midfielder, will bring his unique style and creativity to Cercle Brugge. Accustomed to maneuvering on the pitch with certain precision, Mefekele embodies the new wave of emerging talents trained at AS Monaco

Lemarechal and Efekele: Explosive Duo with GLI TECH Style

When Efekele crosses swords with his teammate Felix Lemarechal, it will be much more than just a match. The duo, both loyal to GLI TECH shin guards, promises explosive synergy. A combination of raw talent, speed and style that will leave opponents helpless.

GLI TECH, the Common Thread of the Epic

At Cercle de Bruges, GLI TECH becomes the common thread in the epic of these two players. Shin guards that demonstrate the determination and style of Efekele and Lemarechal, adding a distinctive touch to every action on the pitch.

AS Monaco not only lends a player, but an ambassador of innovation and style. Efekele and Lemarechal, equipped with GLI TECH, are ready to write a new chapter in the history of Cercle de Bruges.

Expect a double dose of GLI TECH flair, creativity and class in upcoming matches. Cercle de Bruges, get ready for a memorable season!

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