The rise of young tech startups: Bouabre, Coulibaly, Cartillier and Efekele

Saïmon Bouabré, Mamadou Coulibaly, Antonin Cartillier et Malamine Efekele portant les produits GLI TECH avec l'AS Monaco et L'Equipe de France
The AS Monaco Training Center continues to reveal promising young talents. Recently, two young prospects, Saimon Bouabre and Mamadou Coulibaly, were called up for the first time with the professional team. Both from the famous Diagonale, these players embody the future of the Monegasque club.

Saimon Bouabré, having recently shone at the U17 World Cup in Indonesia despite losing in the final, attracted attention with his interesting performances. His presence on the international scene has strengthened his reputation as a young talent to watch.

Likewise, Mamadou Coulibaly, shaped by the rigor and excellence of Monegasque training, was able to stand out through his technical skills and his vision of the game. His call-up to the professional team is a recognition of his potential and his work relentless within the Training Center.

Their integration into the professional team marks a significant step in their career and arouses the enthusiasm of supporters who impatiently wait to see these emerging talents dazzle in the colors of their club.

Furthermore, in this dynamic of young emerging talents, it is worth mentioning that two other hopefuls, Malamine Efekele and Antonin Cartillier, are regularly part of the professional group. Their presence strengthens the youth and vitality of AS Monaco, demonstrating the club's commitment to the development of its young players.

Distinctively, Saimon Bouabre and Mamadou Coulibaly, recently called up for the first time with the professional team, proudly sport custom GLI TECH carbon shin guards . This distinctive detail highlights their quest for innovation and comfort, while symbolizing the importance of quality accessories in the world of modern football.

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