AS Monaco U21s on tour in England!

Les U21 de l’ AS Monaco en tourné en Angleterre !

AS Monaco U21 recently participated in a tournament in England and managed to win numerous matches against renowned opponents, including a resounding victory against Manchester United at Old Trafford. AS Monaco players were equipped with our brand's cutting-edge technology, GLI TECH, with no less than seven players wearing our Tech Carbon SG or our Tech Socks

The Tech Carbon SG and Tech Socks from GLI TECH have been designed to offer maximum performance to professional players. High-quality carbon fiber shin guards increase players' speed and agility, while providing excellent support and comfort.

The victory of AS Monaco U21 against Manchester United at Old Trafford shows, among other things, to what extent the players were able to make the most of GLI TECH technology.

We are proud to see Felix Lemaréchal, Mamadou Coulibaly, and Antonin Cartillier wearing our Tech Carbon SG and to see the positive results they have had on their performances. We look forward to continuing to support each of them in their journey and their search for efficiency.

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